• CISTEM – heart on Chip based on Induced pluripotent STEM cell technology for personalized medicine-, is a Horizon 2020; Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE).

  • The CISTEM project is based on a research project integrated with a staff exchange programme designed to establish a multidisciplinary network aiming to enhance its collective research excellence and create new research training in key disciplines that will support the provision of novel organ-on-chip.

  • Through cross-cutting activities, the CISTEM project brings together many key players from academia and private sector of Europe and beyond to develop a novel “heart on chip” platform based on iPSCs that may be highly valuable platforms for personalized and precision medicine and therapeutics.

  • Organ on a chip is a 3D microfluidic cell culture chip that stimulates the activities and physiological response of entire organs. It is a type of artificial organ. This technology can be implemented on various organs. CISTEM project will be oriented on developing heart on a chip for investigating Duchenne muscular distrophy.

Towards human on a chip

Courtesy of Cherry Biotech