Kalina Andrysiak (ESR), Jagiellonian University
Kalina Andrysiak (standing in the middle) from Jagiellonian University (Poland) was working at BEOnChip during her secondment.

Georges Dubourg (ER), BioSense Institute
Georges Dubourg (on the right) from BioSense Institute with Jeremy Cramer (CEO) at Cherry Biotech (Rennes, France)

Dr. Rosa Monge (ER), BeonChip, spanish SME in Zaragossa.
Dr Rosa Monge (standing in the middle) spent the month of July 2018 in BioSense Institue (Novi Sad, Serbia) where she worked on the development of  transparent electrodes.

Dr. Ignacio Ochoa Garrido (ER),

Dr. Guilhem Velve Casquillas (ER) from Elvesys spent two weeks in BEOnChip (Zaragoza), where learned about cell culturing in organ-on-chip and microfabrication of organ-on-chip in thermopolymer. First steps regarding commercialization of organ-on-chip pack were made.

Dr. Jérémy Cramer (ER) from Cherry Biotech, spent two weeks in University of Zaragoza. Topics of his secondment were discussion about next generation of 3D cell culture and microfabrication training in organ-on-chip technology with in new thermopolymer materials.

Jovana Stanojev (ESR) from BioSense Institute spent two weeks at Cherry Biotech, where she learned about microfluidics and how to build a microfluidic chamber using plotter device.

Jovana Stanojev, from BioSense Institute, spent 3 months in Department of Biomedical Engineering at Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA.