CISTEM objectives

CISTEM’s research and innovation objectives:

  • Establishment of a procedure for iPSC differentiation into cardiomyocytes using microfluidic and microsystem technologies.

  • Development of microfluidic platforms for heart-on-a-chip model using cardiomyocyte from iPSC

  • Modelling and investigation of the cardiomyopathy coming from Duchenne muscular dystrophy

To address the research challenges CISTEM project aims also to implement a high quality staff exchange programme in order to :

  • Address knowledge gaps in the use of microfluidic and microsystem technologies for precision and personalized medicine, by coupling technological advances in microtechnology and stem cell biology.

  • Connect high-quality research infrastructures using them as training facilities for developing and completing the skills of the CISTEM’participants.

  • Contribute to bridging the gap between industry and high education institutions by implementing a structured secondment-based exchange programme