CISTEM’first step in the entrepreneurial world

CISTEM’participants visited ”the microfluidic valley” in Paris where creative and future entrepreneurs are working at the interface between research, innovation and entrepreneurship to turn microfluidic systems into a key technology for medical diagnosis. Created by Elvesys, this inspiring environment hosts several innovative start-up, CISTEM participants met few of them:



  • Blackhole-lab

    ”Plug and play solutions for chip microfabrication” proposes equipment easy tu use for microfluidic fabrication

  • 4Dcell

    ”Explore better” proposes 4Dcell micropatterning technologies and microfluidic 4D solutions for cellular microenvironment control.

  • Eden-Microfluidics

    ”Advanced Materials and Microfabrication Solutions for Microfluidics” proposes materials that transition effortlessly from prototyping to large-scale manufacturing and user friendly solution for the rapid fabrication of microfluidic systems.