Serbia (Novi Sad)

Group description: Nano and Microelectronics group focuses on the development of state of-the-art sensors for applications in agriculture, food and environmental monitoring, including electronic, microwave, optical, magnetic, biological and chemical sensors of various parameters related to plants, soil, presence of toxins, pesticides etc.

Key persons:

Dr. Georges Dubourg
Project Coordinator
WP Leader: Management and ethics

MSc. Jovana Stanojev
WP Leader: Communication and dissemination

Spain (Zaragoza)

Description: BEOnChip is a start-up company focused on the field of Micro-biotechnology with experience in chips for cell culture under biomimetic conditions, which are the key technology for Organ-on-Chip systems. BEONCHIP core business is the development, production and commercialization of its own-proprietary microfluidic cell culture devices (BEONCHIP technology is protected by four patents), bearing a unique portfolio.

Key person:

Dr. Rosa Monge

Spain (Zaragoza)

Group description: The main goal of our research line inside AMB group is the use of computational simulation tools to help in the design and fabrication of biomimetic microfluidic devices to solve clinical relevant problems. We are interested in two different approaches, one focused in the reproduction of the cellular microenvironment using microtechnologies-microfluidics and the other focused in the study of how the mechanical stimuli of the microenvironment affect to the cellular and tissue behavior.

Key persons:

Dr. Ignacio Ochoa Garrido

Prof. Luis Fernandez

France (Rennes)

Description: Cherry Biotech SAS is an innovating company developing scientific instruments for cell biology research laboratories. We develop our brand of product in collaboration with cell biology research centers all over the world. Cherry Biotech extends its scientific network to continuously develop and provide the most innovating and robust scientific instruments to research laboratories, both academic and private.

Key persons:

Dr. Jeremy Cramer

Dr. Pierre Gaudriault

Poland (Krakow)

Description: Department of Medical Biotechnology was established as a separate unit in June 2005. Our main field of research is vascular biology, with particular interest in molecular mechanisms of angiogenesis, vasculogenesis, inflammation and oxidative stress. We are also interested in tumor cell biology. In our lab we investigate gene and cell therapy approaches to treat vascular disorders.

Key person:

Prof. Jozef Dulak
WP Leader: Research

France (Paris)

Description: Elvesys is an innovative and self-funded company focusing on the development of high performance and Plug and Play flow control systems fitted to microfluidic research. They provide the only microfluidic flow control systems using blazing fast flow changes in microdevice. They have a strong expertise in microfluidic design and prototyping.

Key persons:

Dr. Lydie Jeux
WP leader: Training and networking

Dr. Guilhem Velve Casquillas

US (New Jersey)

Description: The Rutgers Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) research focuses on molecular systems bioengineering, biomaterials and tissue engineering, bionanotechnology, biomechanics, rehabilitation engineering, biomedical imaging and microfluidic.

Key persons:

Dr. Rene Schloss

Prof. Martin L. Yarmush

Argentina (Buenos Aires)

Description: The Fluid Dynamics laboratory focusses on fundamental and applied research, both experimental and numerical, of fluid mechanics problems related to drag reduction, energy generation, EOR, biomimetic flows, and microfluidics. In particular, the lab has developed deep know-how on flow control through the use of actuators, mostly electrohydrodynamic, and closed-loop control strategies including machine learning control. Concerning microfluidics, they specialize in electrokinetic phenomena and flow characterization through microPIV and flow visualization.

Key person:

Gullermo Osvaldo Artana